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Public Notice

Public Notice

Subject Invitation to Countering the Crisis and Rebuilding for the Future
Registration date : 2009-07-09       Department in charge: Tax Study Group
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● Date: July 1-2, 2009
● Venue: Room 402, COEX Conference Center
● Host: Korea Ministry of Strategy and Finance (MoSF)
● Organizers: Korea Institute of Public Finance (KIPF) and OECD

● Participants
(1) OECD officials (Australia, Austria, Finland, Hungary, Japan, Spain, The Netherlands)
(2) Non-member country observers (Thailand)
(3) International organizations (OECD, IDB, IMF, WB, ECLAC, Moody’s)
(4) Experts in public finance (KIPF, University of Maryland, KDI etc.)
(5) Ministry of Strategy and Finance officials

● Sessions
Theme I: Budgetary Responses to the Crisis
(1) Fiscal responses of the OECD countries
(2) Overcoming the global crisis through fiscal measures
(3) The role of tax policy in the context of the global crisis
(4) Fiscal policy and sovereign ratings
(5) Impact of the economic crisis on budgeting
Theme II: Budgetary Issues Beyond the Crisis
(1) Managing post-crisis debt
(2) Reforming public expenditure systems

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