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Public Notice

Public Notice

Subject Invitation to Managing for Development Results: Korean and Latin American Experiences
Registration date : 2009-03-30       Department in charge: Tax Study Group
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○ Date: April 6 - 10, 2009
○ Venue: PONY Chung Hall, Hyundai Park Tower(1F)
○ Organizers: Korea Institute of Public Finance & Inter-American Development Bank

○ Program
Opening Session
- Welcoming Remarks(Yun Hi Won, President, KIPF)
- Keynote speech(Soichi Yoshimura, Representative of the IDB in Asia)
Special Session: Korea’s National Agenda for the 21st Century
Session 1: Long-term vision and Mid-Term Expenditure framework
Session 2: Linking Strategic Plans to Budget in National Governments
Session 3: Performance-based Budgeting
Session 4: Experiences ofFiscal Reform: The cases of Korea, Latin
America and other countries
Session 5: Digital Budget and Information Systems for Policy Makers
Session 6: Budgeting for Results under a Crisis Context
Session 7 (Roundtable Discussion): Budget Issues for the Future
Session 8: Translating Development National Plans to Sub-national Medium-Term Strategic Plans
Session 9:Linking Strategic Plans to Budget in Sub-national Governments
Session 10: Budgeting for Results in Sub-national Governments
Session 11 (Roundtable Discussion): Programs and Projects Monitoring and Evaluation in Sub-national Governments

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